Recognizing the need for an association of pediatricians practicing pediatric pulmonology, six specialists under the leadership of Dr. Estrella P. De Leon grouped together to form the Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists, Inc. (PAPP) on March 19, 1992 at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. Among the incorporators were the following: Luis M. Rivera, MD, Alexander O. Tuazon, MD, Armando A. Conejos, MD (deceased), Miguel A.T. Javier, MD (deceased), Milagros S. Bautista, MD, and Myrna Elgar-Pangan, MD.

It was a bold and daring step for the group to take as the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP) was the recognized body by the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) to oversee and accredit all training programs in Pediatric Pulmonology and certify all their graduates. The bold step proved to be inevitable as the Philippine Pediatric Society is considered as the umbrella organization that should oversee all Pediatric subspecialties and that includes the Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologist. The path towards its recognition was an uphill battle despite its legal registration with Securities and Exchange Commission on June 9, 1992. It took two years before the Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologist was recognized by the Philippine Pediatric Society. In 1994 Dr. Amelia Fernandez and the PPS Specialty Board endorsed the Philippine Board of Pediatric Pulmonology as the Subspecialty Board of the Pediatric Pulmonology and another year before the Philippine College of Chest Physicians gave its final recognition. On March 2, 1995, PCCP ceased to accredit training programs and give examination to candidates in pediatric pulmonology.

The Philippine Subspecialty Board of Pediatric Pulmonology (PSBPP) gave its first PSBPP exams on April 27-28, 1993 at the Makati Medical Center. Since then, annual exams were given, producing high caliber graduates in pediatric pulmonology from different accredited institutions.

The first Annual Meeting was held at Shangri-la Manila on May 9, 1993, initially opened only to members but now the PAPP Convention became an important calendar event in the pediatricians’ agenda for CME. On August 25-26, 1994, Dr. Alexander O. Tuazon spearheaded the First National Meeting on Childhood Asthma at the Shangri-la EDSA Plaza Hotel. This project paved the way for the National Consensus for Childhood Asthma, which was initiated in 1996. The Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologist continues in its commitment to promote continuing medical education, research and information in pediatric pulmonology for the benefit of its members and of the entire filed of pediatric healthcare. Their motto “SAVE OUR CHILDREN’S LUNGS” best embodies this unique contribution and is the moving force that compels each and every member to this service

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